On October 22,

re-elect Manna Wong, School Trustee


10 月 22 日  投票支持重選 黄婉貞  教育委員


ஒக்டோபர் 22  மீண்டும் தேர்வு                 

20ம் வட்டார கல்விச்சபை அறங்காவலராக 

மன்னா வொங் (Manna Wong) அவர்களுக்கு வாக்களியுங்கள்

Manna Wong

Making Every School a Good School,

Every Community a Vibrant Community

Thank you for visiting my site for my re-election as your Public School Trustee.


You deserve a Trustee you can count on to put students first at the Toronto District School Board.  As your School Trustee, I have focused my energy on promoting student achievement and well-being so that every student can learn and grow in a positive, inclusive, and safe environment helping every child reach their full potential.

Please feel free to also email me at manna.wong@tdsb.on.ca for concerns and issues with your school.  Keeping in touch helps me advocate for you more effectively and makes sure your voice is heard.

Nothing could be a greater investment than our children.

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