Manna has three decades of experience working with the three levels of government, solving problems
for constituents and community building. These extensive experiences led her to run, and re-elected,
continues to seek constant improvement in the Board at our local schools. She knows that it takes team
work to get things done. It’s why she consults widely, engages and involved parents, students, school
administrators and community members on shared priorities, especially on the important issues of
environmental protection and addressing students’ wellbeing through arts. She initiated and has
successfully established the Arts Intersections Project and Eco Fair Initiatives since 2017.

Manna is passionate about her work and it shows. She cares about student achievement and wellbeing
and is committed to providing the best environment for students as learners and leaders of tomorrow.
To continue her work with you, Manna needs you.

Re-elect Manna Wong as your public school trustee on October 24.