The energy and drive to support a whole child approach to education

Join Manna in her initiatives to change the conversation about education from a focus on narrowly defined academic achievement to promoting the long-term development and success of children.  Through these projects, we are hopeful that policies, practices, and relationships are developed and facilitated so that each child, in each school, in each community, is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.


The annual Eco Fair is organized in collaboration with the EcoSchool team teachers and students in Ward 20.  Features include hands-on activities, trivia games, information tables, themed presentations, environmental documentary screenings, student writing and poster design. Student displays showcase to our greater community the importance of healthy living and environmental stewardship. 

With increasing community partnership, I'm hoping to continue to promote, inform and inspire our parents and neighbours to make greener choices in our homes and communities.  It will also provide a venue for student leadership to flourish.  

Theme of the 2018 Eco Fair:  How do I contribute to a greener planet?  Life Without Single-Use Plastics!


Theme of the 2017 Eco Fair:  How do I contribute to a greener planet?

Stayed connected at to learn about Eco Fair 2019.


A call out to Principals and Parent Council members:

In a time when equity and inclusion are at the centre of our educational strategy we need to ensure that all students have equal opportunity to engage in activities that foster student success.  I believe in artistic exploration as a part of mandated curriculum and as an essential tool in support of student well-being. I formed the Ward 20 Arts Education Work Group with participation from committed parents, teachers and other arts advocates to support this belief.  Together, we created a proposal explaining the value of arts programs in schools for student well-being and success, and that arts education should and must be one of the key educational priorities. 

The 'Arts Intersection' proposal was sent in June 2017 and subsequently approved in late September 2017.  Nine schools initiated arts projects together with their students and parents.  The final event was an inter-school arts bus tour event on June 12, 2018, with a culminating discussion and reflection from parents on the effect of having arts in our students' lives.

The arts projects empathized positive impacts on students' feelings of well-being through artistic endeavours with their peers and parents.  Interested principals, teachers and parents were all encouraged to partner with neighbouring schools where  relationships and a sense of community were developed.


Our first steps have been thrilling!  Let's continue working together to address well-being through arts!

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